For sale Giesemann Spectra 48" T5 + Metal Halide 2 x 250W Radium + 2x Reef Brite XHO + HQI Ballasts

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Gauging interest in a 48" Giesemann Spectra fixture, setup with 4 ATI Actinic Blue T5's, 2 x 250 MH Radium 20K bulbs, and 2 Reefbrite XHO LED strips, plus 250w HQI capable ballasts (LuXCore).

Upgrading to a larger 6ft tank and this won't be big enough.

Willing to part out the XHO's if not wanted, but chance to have all 3 technologies running on one fixture.

Measured real PAR values on a standard 4ft tank, ~900-1000 PAR just under surface, 220 PAR bottom in the hottest areas.

Corners of the tank at the bottom around 180.

$1000 or best offer, willing to trade - need one more Ecotech Radion G5 XR30 Blue with Arm and Diffuser.

picture is just generic, will update post with real photos showing how reef brite XHOs are mounted.

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