Glitter Bomb Goni + Other Unique Goni’s


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May 22, 2018
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Letting go of the majority of my Glitter Goni’s & some other very unique Goni variants I’ve been collecting for some time. Trying to recoup some funds after our dog needed to have surgery. Prices are listed below by number which correlate to the number on each picture. If it has a name it’s listed below, otherwise they’re just a no name LFS pickup I’ve colored up over time. All pictures are WYSIWYG. A snail had just crawled over the glitter Goni’s frags causing them to be mostly closed in these pictures so I plan to take more tomorrow of any that haven’t already sold which I will update the pictures here afterwards. If interested please text 734-725-98fiveO.

#1 Crazy Yellow w/ Blue Eye Goni Chunk (I think this is the only actual yellow Goni I’ve ever seen, extremely unique) - SOLD

#2 Bicolor Green/Purple w/ yellow eye Goni Chunk - SOLD

#3 Neverland Goni Frag - SOLD

#4 Unique Red/Pink Purple Stem Blue Eye Goni Frag - SOLD

#5 Glitter Goni Frag A - SOLD

#6 Glitter Goni Frag B - SOLD

#7 Glitter Goni Frag C - SOLD

#8 Yellow/Green with Pink/Purple Center Goni Frag - SOLD

#9 Yellow/Orange/Pink with Purple Center Goni Frag - SOLD

#10 Green/Orange/Pink with Yellow Center Goni Frag - SOLD

01AC44DD-2A66-44DB-87A3-98D67A255CE1.jpeg 6F682A6E-2DC4-4722-870E-2AA423471207.jpeg BE3F7FD0-5EEF-4F21-BDAE-05118B12895C.jpeg 407527D2-9ABF-4FB8-B882-520FEF1FBF42.jpeg 5BD099EF-D262-4150-8012-FC86840D2F76.jpeg D001DE7D-5EFD-470A-812F-D4FDD07A6B55.jpeg 03A9FC6B-6339-49F4-B71C-6B1EF59181AE.jpeg D248C52F-C343-4EA5-B69F-669CB21B220F.jpeg 4DEA5C21-2A14-4CAD-913E-D748B9898DE1.jpeg 3AF43CC1-7425-40B6-9CBD-D23F7A7AA5F6.jpeg D0B88B98-D86F-470A-AC23-C49C4B8DCAD4.jpeg 322D5C59-CF6D-4AB1-B87A-2EA6AF1F5EC9.jpeg 208C1882-2D8D-4AA9-A036-45D8F628D72A.jpeg 770FF03E-6318-492A-AD98-680CCDC222FD.jpeg
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Dec 9, 2019
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Do ou happen to have anymore glitterbombs for sale now or in the near future? if so what do you sell them for? I amsking because I just bought a amazeballs and can throw in a glitter bomb and not have to pay to ship it! I am a little worried about spending so much now because I have a few more orders coming in so really rather wait! Last time I bough t a lot at once most of them died! Probably a risk I shouldnt take but hate to pass up the free shipping!

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