Glitter Bomb Gonioporas Back in Stock! New WYSIWYG Updates as Well!

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Dec 25, 2013
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Hey there Legendary Reefers,

We have two beautiful frags of the much sought after Glitter Bomb Goniopora available via our website! These are one of the most unique and beautiful Gonioporas in the hobby at the moment. Alongside these Gonioporas are a few other great corals. Swing by the website to see them all!

Glitter Bomb Goniopora is one of the rarest goniopora varieties out there. Glitters adorn the entire goniopora from the base, stalk, and all the way up to the tips. A soft light green base with contrasting purple tips. This variety of goniopora is always in high demand, so if you see this available you definitely want to act fast.


An absolutely beautiful rainbow rhodactus specimen, Gumdrop Mushrooms have been coveted for their unique textures and myriad of colors. This WYSIWYG specimen is on a 3/4" standard frag plug.

UCC Rainbow Dreams Goniopora is one of the nicest gonoporas we have. Simply just bursting with colors! This piece was acquired from our friends at Unlimited Color Corals a few years back, and has grown into one of our favorite pieces in the whole farm. This short-polyped variant of Goniopora encrusts over substrate just like a Cyphastrea or Leptastrea would.

LC Rainbow Boom Goniopora: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Literally every color under the rainbow, this goniopora has it! This short-polyped variant of Goniopora encrusts over substrate just like a Cyphastrea or Leptastrea would.

Spongebob Zoanthids: Extremely bright yellow-orange face with a dazzling yellow skirt! This morph is one of the brightest morphs we have to offer. Its smaller polyp size makes up for its punchy colors.

LC Space Haze Zoanthids: A hazy space purple body with bright little green tips! The skirts have a cool blue hue and the body has very visible markings. LC Space Haze Zoanthids get rather large polyps, making them a great choice for reefers that prefer larger zoanthids than smaller ones. Under lower light, LC Space Haze will get massive, even dime sized, and will have a hazy purple coloration. Under higher light, a pink hue develops and it the skirts get a bit more vibrant and shorter. Their growth rate starts off a bit slow, but progressively increases as they adjust to their new homes.

Wow, just simply an amazing Lordhowensis specimen. LC Rainbow Circus Lordhowensis is a myriad of colors and a true rainbow Lordhowensis. We've had this piece in captivity for many months now to ensure that the colors are true. In fact, it's gained much more color in our system than when we first received it. The rim of LC Rainbow Circus Lordhowensis has streaks of hot red, orange, and yellow, which transitions into a purple/blue inner ring. Inside the polyp of this magnicent Lordhowensis is a splatter of reds among a yellow center.


A classic piece that's very hard to find nowadays. Darth Maul Porites is named after none other than the red and black sithlord, Darth Maul. And what a fitting name it is! OG Darth Maul Porites has a deep burgundy red body with beautiful red and white polyps. The white on the polyps form a unique ring, giving this coral a very clean patterned look!

What an amazing name for such a unique looking mushroom coral, Lava Lamp Discosoma Mushrooms get their name from their bubbly nodules, which look just like bubbling "lava" in a lava lamp. This mushroom coral is a great choice for beginners

One of the newest Stylocoeniella to hit the scene! World Wide Coral's Electric Daisy Stylocoeniella has a hot pink-magenta body with incredibly fluorescent neon green polyps. As the name implies, it looks like there's an EDM concert going on with all of these bright neon colors. WWC Electric Daisy Stylocoeniella was World Wide Coral's second popular Stylocoeniella release, with the first being the WWC Looney Toons.

A soft light green body with little white polyps with red lashes! Porites are seldomly collected from the wild, let alone offered in the aquarium trade. When collected, they're usually a drab brown color. Enter Jason Fox's Paradise City Porites! Jason Fox collected this piece himself when diving in the ocean. On his way back home, he stopped by Paradise City and is the inspiration for this coral's tradename.

WWC Laffy Taffy Zoanthids: Hot pink skirts, deep purple body, and a yellow mouth. This morph is best kept under lower light. The polyps will also stay larger under less intense lighting. Under higher light, the polyps will become more compact and the deep purple body won't be as dark.

One of our more oddball/ unique Blastomussa Merletti morphs in our farm, LC Depth Charge Blastomussa Merletti has an iridescent aqua-blue center with purple toned rims. The polyps on this Merletti tend to stay rather small. Our LC Depth Charge Blastomussa Merletti has been in our farm for over a year now and has proven to grow slightly slower than the other Merlettis in our farm (Blue Raven, Magnetos, and Optimus Prime). Because of its slower growth rate, frags are seldom available.

An incredibly unique Blastomussa Merletti morph with a gorgeous sky blue center! This piece is sure to stand out among any Blastomussa collection. Blastomussa Merlettis are much easier and have a better growth grate compared to their Wellsi counterparts. Our LC Blue Hour Blastomussa Merletti has been in our farm for over a year now and has proven to grow slightly slower than the other Merlettis in our farm (Blue Raven, Magnetos, and Optimus Prime). However, this piece remains one of our favorites for sky blue is a rather rare color to come across in the hobby.

An extremely rare zoanthid in the hobby, Rainbow Mauls are sought after for those gorgeous green hues on their skirt.

Bright true blue centers surrounded by a red and orange skirt that resembles a ring of fire. Blue Raven Blastomussa Merlettis were named after and by reefer Raven Scholtz. These are arguably one of the hottest little blastomussa that have entered the hobby. Luckily they grow and propagate well! Their small size makes them perfect for nano reefs and their decent growth rate allows them to grow to a respectable size in larger reefs.

Blue Raven Blastomussa Merlettis have become one of our most popular and purchased coral, and it's no surprise. They're much hardier and are much better grower than their Wellsi counterparts. We highly recommend picking up this gem if you haven't own one yet, you won't be disappointed!

Aside from the gorgeous magenta skirt, the real stunning trait of our LC Magentos Blastomussa Merletti is the bright metallic quicksilver ring that surrounds its deep blue center. The mouth is a yellow-green coloration, giving this piece an extra punch when it comes to color contrast.

We purchased this Blastomussa as a single polyp many years ago at a coral trade show, attracted to its bright silver ring. It took many months for it to grow its first few polyps, and a few more months before the first frag was made for sale. However, once fragged it began to show more steady growth. Now it grows just as well as all of our other Blastomussa Merlettis in the farm! So don't be discouraged if it takes awhile for it to start growing. It will in due time.

Compared to the more well known LC Blue Raven, our LC Optimus Prime Blastomussa is a Merletti with a deeper blue colored center and red skirts. It sports a lovely green mouth just like its cousin and is just as easy to grow. It'll make an outstanding addition to any reef tank, especially in nano reefs where tank space is limited.

Wow. Just. Wow. One of the hottest corals that we have the pleasure of offering in the farm. Our LC Heart of Hades Blastomussa has a bright wintergreen center surrounded by a purple-blue ring. The most stunning part about this Blastomussa that makes it stand out among others is the orange skirt. It makes every polyp look like it's on fire!

One of the most beautiful rhodactus corals in the hobby, Tequila Sunrise Rhodactus have a gorgeous orange-yellow coloration with an aqua-teal sheen on the body. Tequila Sunrise Rhodactus have been aquacultured for many years and are sought after for their magnificently bright coloration. They are arguably one of the brightest Rhodactus in the hobby, aside from rhodactus with metallic colors.


A gorgeous yellow-green toned Branching Octospawn! Octospawns usually come in just a standard green. This yellow-toned piece is very unique and being the branching variety will do much better in captivity compared to its "wall" counterpart. It will also bud off smaller heads that will develop into new polyps over time!


JF Sunset Stylocoeniella has an emerald green base with bright metallic orange polyps! This is a great beginner encrusting coral if you're looking for something to brighten some lower lighting areas of your reef.



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Jul 7, 2018
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Thanks for the support, you sniped it from someone else trying to pick it up at the same time! Hopefully it came in well.
You’re welcome… It looks great. Really happy to add this one to my Goni collection. It’s a stunner.


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Aug 11, 2017
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overdrive looks sweet Darwin but you know better for us chalice lovers make some cutzzzzzxD


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Aug 11, 2017
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almost spit out my soda talking trash as ur page updated! DAT graft of cb mummy is hot! rarely see that an when you do some vendors try an pass it off as something unique with a new name. good stuff MAN!


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