Good stand to fit a sump for a 38x18 tank?

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Jun 9, 2022
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I'm trying to build out my tank for a 36 x 18 65 gallon tank.
Problem is that I can't find a stand that will fit a decent size sump. I want to be able to place or remove the sump if I ever have a leak or other problem with it. But the doors on the front & the openings in the back are too small to fit anything of sufficient size.

The stand is the Majesty stand 36 x 18. So while the interior can fit a good size tank, the doors on the front of the stand are 15 inches wide by 21 inches high making it impossible to fit any standard tank larger than a 10 gallon. Even that I would have to stand on end to insert it to the stand, then rotate it until it is horizontal.

Are there any stands that have doors on the side so you can slide a sump tank in & out?

I can't find any, but it seems bizarre that stands designed to host a horizontally aligned sump have vertically aligned doors.
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