Gorgeous Zoanthid Collectors WYSIWYG Packs! 9 and 16 Different Varieties!

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Dec 25, 2013
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Hey there Zoanthid Lovers,

We've got two special packs lined up for you! Each pack is WYSIWYG and ready to be shipped. Prices include free shipping of course. Click on the links or the photos to be taken to the website! If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a PM or email. For those unsure about the care requirements of each zoanthid morph, we should have their information available on our website if you search for their trade names. Every piece shown is 100% Aquacultured, with the exception of the Predators which have been under our care for the past month or so.


High End Collector Zoanthid Pack, WYSIWYG - $750 Shipped
An absolutely show stopping collector's pack of some of the finest zoanthids out in the hobby right now! Pick this pack up for an incredible savings of 50% off and make one incredible instant collection. Price includes free shipping as well.

Names are listed from Top Row to Bottom, Left to Right.
Row 1: LC Blankas, LC Antimatters, SBB Hephaestus
Row 2: Frankie's Acid Trips, SBB Aphrodite, LC Space Jams
Row 3: TSA Black Pearl, Predators, LC Zombie Eyes

Insane Value Variety Zoanthid Pack, WYSIWYG - $399.99 Shipped
For those who are looking for some uncommon zoanthid morphs, this 16 Piece Pack is just the thing to get an instant Zoanthid Collection going! All pieces are WYSIWYG, and the pack comes at an incredible bargain. Price includes free shipping as well.

Names are listed from Top Row to Bottom, Left to Right.
Row 1: LC Petroglyphs, CK Bitcoins, LC Hawkmoons, LC Dystopias
Row 2: LC Vega Punks, Gold Dusts, LC Space Haze, Spongebobs
Row 3: VW Bloodshots, PZ Prometheans, Hemmdogg's Jeepers Creepers, CC Starfighters
Row 4: WWC Laffy Taffy, LC Castlevanias (New Release), CB King Jawbreaker, Toxic Lava PE

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