Got Any Tips on using flux rx (fluconazole) for GHA?



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Oct 27, 2020
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So, I've been on a 3 month battle with green hair algae after bottoming out my p04 with a big ole bag of GFO. I got sick and was watching the number drop to 0 but was too ill (and lazy let's be honest) to do a water change or get involved with the tank. So now im paying the price, for the past 3 months I've been doing water changes and pulling out as much as I can till my fingers shrivel! Lol. I've had my numbers pretty consistent since it broke out. Today's #'s

P04: .006
DKH: 8.2
N03: 10-20
Cal: 420

I've been trying to play the numbers game but to not much of an avail. So im really considering using flux rx. So much so that I have it in my hand right now lol. So if anyone has any other tips for the GHA or on using the flux rx (should I place the powder in my filter sock, or place into highflow by the powerhead to disburse it?) Ect. If you guys wanna see the wreck its become Maybe ill post a photo!
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