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Oct 16, 2021
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Hi all, I initially posted this in my post introducing myself & was advised to create one of these threads so here we go!

So my reefing journey got off to a rocky start after having some questionable advice from a recommended LFS.

I used ATM colony to kick start a cycle & within a week had x5 chromis, a Royal gramma, Midas blenny, pair of black ice clowns, Chalk Goby, a coral beauty & a pair of cleaner shrimp in the tank. Yes I know, too much too soon.

It didn't sit right with me & went against my instincts but went along with it on their advice. Mistake!

White spot went through the tank & I had to set up a small QT to save x2 chromis, coral beauty & goby. Lost all the rest

After going fallow I've got them back in the DT & will be putting in a new pair of clowns after they finish QT. Lost a gramma & mccosckers in the same QT last week too. The gramma & mccosckers fought constantly for a week & gramma went 1st. Once I put the cupramine up to therapeutic dose the mccosckers went downhill.

I've recently added my 1st corals a month back. Torch coral, dragon soul favia & a chalice I can't get a name on. All doing well & growing so fingers crossed!

My tank is a reefer 425xl, x2 hydra 32s lights, x2 mp10s, reef octo 150 skimmer, clarisea filter & dd fluidised reactor with rawphos media

20211017_093445.jpg 20211017_093333.jpg 20211017_093242.jpg 20211017_093247.jpg 20210822_143452.jpg 20210825_172528.jpg

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