Green slime algae, black finger algae, brown algae that covered everything in my aquarium



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Jun 1, 2021
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Hello I’m new.
I first had a brown thick mud like cover my entire sand bed and sump intake
Then I had a massive breakout of green slime thick algae over take my sump love rock with orange sponge like apperam
When I took out the rocks to clean them the orange algae disappear and I cleaned all rocks with 3% hydrogen peroxide amd scrubbed them clean them let sit in fresh saltwater Thru now.
my tank phosphate, nitrites and nitrates and ammonia went very high amd my ph dropped to 7.8
i then noticed a black mold like fungus with cone shaped filaments growing on top of the white and black fungus appearance in the aquarium top completely covering the tank sand.
mat this time the sump was off because of the same fungal growth.
it was promoted by light and decreased with no light.
I have done 2x complete water changes and sucked out all of the brownish mud like growth, and the black and white filament type fungus?

any advice

I lost everything in the tank it had been an established aquarium I purchased from someone and I let it run for 3 months with just rock, live rock in bottom sump and protein skimmer on
90 gallon aquarium
Approx 16 gallon sump

please offer any help
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