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Apr 28, 2014
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Reef2Reef has their own set of rules to follow and we, as a club MUST abide by these rules.

If we would like to have a group buy we can but, if we would like it limited to our club members, we must to post it in our private section only. Please remember this when we want things shipped to one address and/or delivered to ourmeetings! These buys can be by anyone of our choosing and are not limited to Reef2Reef sponsors as they will be in our private area.

If we would like to post a group buy open to anyone, it must be a Reef2Reef sponsor, and the buy is also open to anyone who is a member on Reef2Reef, not just limited to those from Connecticut or CTARS.

If we see posts not abiding by these rules, we will have to take them down, please don't make us have to do that :(
Not open for further replies.

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