Grown Silver Arowanas For Sale


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Sep 20, 2020
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New York City
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on this forum. I recently inherited a 75 Gallon fish tank with some red parrot cichlids and 3 grown silver arowanas in it. I am pretty new to taking care of these fishes but have learnt a lot in the past 3 weeks just by reading online and watching Youtube videos. I am really enjoying this new hobby.

However from everything i have read this tank is too small for these arowanas, all three are about 12-15 inches long and should grow even bigger. As far as I can tell they are healthy and active, eating a lot. As much as I have grown to love them, I don't think keeping them in this relatively small tank is good for them long term, so I am putting them up for sale.

Buyer must come to pick up the fishes from my place in Flushing, Queens. It is right next to the Skyview Mall if you are familiar with the area. Price is $200 each, you can one or all three. Just want to see them go to a good home.

Thank you!


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