Gyre 350 vs two of Jebao SLW-30 or something else for flow?

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Choice of flow maker

  • Two Gyre 350

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • One Gyre 350 + Two Jebao SLW-30

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • Look for something else

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Madison Reef

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Dec 17, 2018
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I am building a SPS dominant 75 gallon peninsula style tank (standard aqueon).
I already have Gyre 350 on one side of the tank where the overflow is, and I would like to add more flow.

Should I buy second Gyre 350 (pump only for $185, 5380 gph) or should I be better off buying two of Jebao SLW-30 (for $144, 6868 gph)?
I figured that buying second gyre 350 would allow me to connect two pumps and create flow patterns.
If I were to go with two Jebao and a gyre, I would not be able to connect jebao with gyre, but it would be cheaper option with more flow and better look when on the viewing side of the tank (peninsula style).

I believe either option (two gyre 350 or one gyre and two jebao) would provide me with enough flow.
What do you suggest?


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Jul 30, 2022
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Either way I think you'll have plenty of flow. Gyres have a wide spread output, powerheads tend to be more focused, so gph gets skewed. You can always program them to run different patterns at different times. If you mix and match.

In my tank(new 75) I have 2 of the jebao wifi gyres ( MCP 70 and 120) and really like them, the flow patterns, linkability, the app isn't that bad once you figure it out. Once my tank starts filling out, if needed, growth blocking flow or particular area needs more, because of being gyres. I can pick up one of the jebao SOW wifi powerheads.
Jebao isn't top of the line, but I ran them for years in my freshwater tanks.
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