Happy Father's Day! R2R 2 Days FlashSale June 19th & 20th - 10am to 6pm

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Nov 23, 2006
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fathers day FS-R2R-UC banner1.png

This year Father's Day is 2 days instead of 1!
Treat yourself or that special someone to some amazing deals on this Father's Day!

2 days of unreal livestock discounts, up to 70% off select coral! Don’t miss out. Plus $5, $10, $20 frags and more. You won't be disappointed with so many items to choose from. UC Signature, old school favorites, new releases and fields of Euphyllia and Goniopora in almost every color. Only the best hand picked selection of healthy, Aquacultured and pest free coral.

Win Prizes - Every participant in the FlashSale event is automatically entered into the raffle
1st Place : UC Gold Torch Euphyllia coral - $299 value
2nd Place : UC Gift Card $150
3rd Place : Triton ICP test x 2 (two tests)
4th Place : Triton N-DOC test

You must purchase a shipping module to participate in the LiveSale (select "Add-On" free shipping at checkout) Please pick arrival date. Max three $5 corals per person, for every $5 coral must also purchase a non-$5 coral.) Robust guarantee. We combine shipping. SALES ARE FINAL, NO SUBSTITUTIONS. Due to heavily discounted prices, you must purchase a shipping module in order to purchase in the FlashSale section (unless have purchased $225 or more in the main store).

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How do I get smarter in the hobby?

  • Experiment with reefing

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  • Read books

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  • Subscribe to magazines

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  • Read Reef2Reef

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