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alain Bouchard

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Jun 13, 2019
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Hello, Im a french canadian from near Montreal (so excuse my english if its not perfect). My career is in telecom/IT. Been in the marine aquarium for about 6 years, been on this forum for 2 year, mostly stalking, not talking a lot. Thought it was time to show my tank to people, since most of your posts helped me build my tank. So started with a 35gal , and soon got too small. So when I bought my house 4 years ago, it was a deal with my wife that I had to have space for a "real" tank. So bought a house with unfinished basement; that was perfect. Fitted the 180gal tank first on its stand, then built the basement around it. Everything is not perfect, but I did 99% of the work with my own hands, so its good enough for me.
-here is a very young tank with dry rocks dating febuary 2018-
tank feb 2018.jpg

-tank dating december 2018-
tank dec 2018.jpg

-july 2019-
tank july 2019.jpg

-here is the tank this morning after I just plugged in my new calcium reactor, thats why it is a bit cloudy-
tank march 2020.jpg

-and here is a picture from my fish room-
fish room.jpg
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