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Sep 5, 2019
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New to Reef2Reef but been involved with reefing since 1995. Started with a 90 gallon from a LFS that really did not understand marine reefs well at all. Spent the better part of the next 5-8 years re-doing my backend setup from sump to skimmer to lighting, etc. to be setup for some success. Spent a ton of time reading and learning from the various message boards and blogs out on the Internet over the years. In 2014 migrated that 90 gallon to a custom made 160 gallon. My tanks to date have all been LPS / softies and I eventually had issues with coral overgrowing the tank (also due to me not maintaining their growth well.) So the past summer I completely broke down the 160, emptied out the whole system, cleaned it and am now restarting it back up from scratch. I have the 4 fish, 1 urchin and two coral colonies I wanted to transfer sitting in a 30 gallon system w/sump that I cobbled together with parts from friends and that has been running since back in February. The inhabitants of that tank should move back to my main system in October. Fun (so far) restarting from scratch again with a lot of experience under my belt this time. Will see how it works out in the weeks and months ahead. There are always mistakes looming around the corniness and so much more to learn so looking forward to interacting with this community as we all strive to make our tanks the best they can be.
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How do you keep your aquarium temperatures down during the hot months?

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