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Dec 1, 2022
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@beens_N_Weever I have dyslexia and I am wondering if you meant Beans & Wieners?

I remember my first tank, a fish bowl moved up to a 5 gallon I got trading Green Stamps that my mom collected.

Welcome to the hobby and Reef2Reef!

Wiener Dog Dachshund GIF by beangoods
so backstory on how I chose beens_N_Weever. My last name is Weiner and I have my gamer tags as Beans_n_Weener as a play on my last name and my favorite food as a kid, Beenie weenies. So I thought it would be fun to still have the play on the beans_n_weener thing but have a fish so I found out that Weever is a fish and it fit perfectly.
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