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Ishai Thatcher

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Oct 21, 2018
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Hey everyone,
I’m trying to pick my anthias for my 120 gal sps dominant build. I want to have like 2 groups of 3. I really like the flathead sunburst anthias, and also the Carberryi. Anything I need to worry about with getting those two groupings? I know they need to be fed a lot, the tank is gonna be on an auto feeder, but it’s gonna be auto feeding frozen. And I also know that you gotta get all females or one male and the rest females.
I feel like I need to purchase them sooner rather than later, and get them established in the tank. They got to be a good 2 inches and established enough so they don’t get eaten by any of my ribbon eels when they go in later. Any other anthias suggestions I should get instead?


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Oct 28, 2017
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Palm Springs area
I’ve only tried the orange anthias or lyretail.
I bought two hoping they would pair, instead the strong bullied the weak and I was left with one, 2-3 days from introduction.
Someone once told me they are like chomis in a way. That the hierarchy can lead to fatalities.
another person advice me to buy a few more then the number I ultimately wanted in my display, for the same reason.
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