Help finding a Magnifica (ritteri) anemone


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Jun 8, 2009
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Mardela Springs, MD
A couple other potential sources:

They don't have any now, but Reef Beauties usually has some in stock.

Also, if you contact @Asagi at Blue Kai Aquatics, he might be able to source one for you (and even treat it) from Southern California. Both my giganteas are from him and they're both very healthy.

I got one of my Mags from Pacific East, it arrived and has stayed very healthy. My other was from Aqua SD, came incredibly bleached and took a few months to color up but is doing well now.

I got two from pacfic east aqua recently, and they have more. Couldn't be happier.


Here are the new arrivals in observation. Just came in this morning and are looking great. These are really nice specimens! I’m thrilled and the clowns will be too haha :)


@PacificEastAquaculture wins the day with top notch customer service and beautiful specimens. I shopped around and reached out to many. They were more expensive than the competition but they out shone the competition in many ways which earned them the sale and my membership. Thank you pacific east, please continue to be top notch. We need more people like you. Too many turds these days….

thanks again to all who gave some input to help me with this!

Thank you for your purchases. Still more nice ones in stock.


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Mar 4, 2010
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Mammoth Lakes,Ca
Good to know. I have 2 from them coming in the morning! :) super excited.

Curious, did you treat them or put them straight in the tank?

Very slow acclimation but straight in. No issues with inflating deflating, or floppy mouths. I did get some Cipro on hand just in case but didn't want to run them through it unless they were showing signs of needing it.

What is the best "cleaning product" or home recipe for cleaning reef tank equipment?

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  • Citric Acid

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  • Vinegar

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  • Hydrogen peroxide

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