HELP!! - Fish are all attacking each other...


Chef Mateo

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Jul 1, 2018
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I really need help quick,
A lot of my fish are currently being aggressive to each other. I have 2 tanks and need to figure out which should be in which tank.

Every fish/invert in the tanks:
Female Clownfish (Attacks Flame Hawkfish, PJ Cardinal)
Male Clownfish (Has to be with female or else does not know what to do, is not aggro)
Flame Hawkfish (Attacks Royal Gramma, haven't tested with the shrimp or gobies)
Royal Gramma
PJ Cardinalfish
2 Green Clown Gobies
1 Cleaner Shrimp

I just added the flame hawk today after moving half the fish into a new tank. I was hoping adding them all at once would create less tension, but is seems as though they are trying to establish a hierarchy. I can easily catch the cardinalfish, clowns, hawk so those aren't trouble to move between tanks. I cannot catch the gobies they are way too small to get in these tank sizes.

These are the combos that will not work seemingly:
Flame & Clowns
PJ & Clowns
Flame & Royal Gramma

then untested but shouldn't work
Flame & Gobies
Flame & Shrimp

The tanks were supposed to be:
Tank 1:
2 Clowns
1 Flame Hawk
1 Royal Gramma

Tank 2:
1 PJ
1 Cleaner Shrimp
2 Gobies

But this doesn't seem like it work, any suggestions for the best tank combos??
Top Shelf Aquatics


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May 15, 2018
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ADX Florence
What is the size of the two tanks?

How many fish do you have? I’m not certain based upon your earlier information that I know what you actually have?

(Clown fish pair, is that two clown gobies or something else?

Lets try this again: make A simple list of all fishes you have combined with a picture of each tank and an indication of the gallon sizes of these tanks would make the discussion about what you have and what might be done a lot easier than the information you have provided in your original post.

If you can’t post a picture of each tank, just provide their sizes and a brief description of their condition.

Are they cycled, how long have they been set up, and do you have live rock, or other rock and sand, etc in each tank

Go, :)


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Mar 20, 2020
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Sorry the Fish Aggression Dept was defunded
I don't believe that to be true. I heard that BRS bought the Fish Agression Dept.

As for the actual question sorry I can't help. I would've though most of those fish wouldn't have been too bad in regards of aggression. You could try an acclimation box or rearranging rockwork to see if that helps any.
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