Help Fox Face gone crazy

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May 23, 2020
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one my favorite fish, my fox face rabbit fish has gone nuts and I fear is on the way to death.

it’s quite shocking and depressing because he has always looked healthy.

I did a my usual biweekly water change yesterday. When I do I he sometimes camos up against a rock. Always come back

today I noticed him on the sand all camoed up. I thought he was dead, didn’t move all day, and so I went to remove him with a plastic grabber, turns out he was alive. Came out aggressive and normal yellow but was banging into the sand and rocks before wedging himself upside down between two rocks, breathing heavily.

honestly this is heartbreaking, don’t know what to do or what would have caused this.
He has been in the tank for months. All my fish have been quarantined through TTM.

he is in my Cade 1800 with a bunch of fish including 3 tangs (purple, Sailfin and blue).

I have never seen any aggression towards it
from the tangs, and he has always been tough, first one to grab food.

Anyone have any ideas as to what’s happened and if he can be saved? I fear by trying to grab what I thought was his body, I may have signed off his death warrant
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