Help Identifying Algae on Dry Rock


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Feb 17, 2021
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Haverhill, MA
I have 50 gallon AIO reef tank. Been running since last October, so 7 months up and running. A very thick algae has cover my dry rock and seems to be not effected by anything. Snails and Hermit Crabs seem to make no effect on it. I have been using Vibrant for about 4 weeks with suggestions for heavy use. No change to the algae.

Water Levels
PH- 8.3
Specific Gravity - 1.025
Ammonia - 0.0
Nitrite - 0.0
Alkalinity - 10.0
Calcium - 440
Magnesium - 1400
Nitrate - 12 ppm
Phosphate - 4 ppm
Lighting - Dual AI Prime 16 HD with Waterbox suggested lighting schedule

Any help identifying this stuff so I can work to get rid of it would be great. Fish are doing great, corals are thriving.

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Image from iOS.jpg
Image from iOS (2).jpg
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Aug 11, 2013
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Wisconsin - Florida in several months
It’s a surface algae similar to cyano and should be treated as such. Reduce white light intensity for a week and scrub with a firm toothbrush. Siphon tank and discontinue use of NoPox or vodka if you’re using either.
Add cleaners,,,, urchin, limpets, conch, snails: cerith, nassarius, astrea and trochus.

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