Help me design my next tank build. 4x2x1.5 high. Heaps of room for all sorts of cool things.


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Aug 20, 2019
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NOR Perth
So I've bit the bullet and am going to be buying a custom made ultraclear rimless 4x2x1.5. Tank builders have lots of access to equipment so I can have notches cut out, holes etc.
Currently the plan is to have a large external overflow on the back of the tank, with a large notch cut out of the top of the rear panel like in the photo below. I really wanted the entire rear panel to be a nice tealy gum-leaf colour however, which the overflow box will stop being that it's siliconed to the rear panel. I was originally planning for it to be vinyl wrapped, but quickly realised that the plumbing would still be visible.
I'm really trying to go for a COMPLETELY invisible overflow here, so that I get the same effect as a tank with a painted background without overflow. Some suggestions on ways to achieve this and other ways I can improve and modify the overall design would be greatly appreciated!
sketch with overflow.png

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