Help plumbing an aqua ultraviolet 40 watt classic


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Jun 22, 2023
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Hi everyone! Please help this non-plumber!

I have a Red Sea G2+ 950s (250 gallon) system. Initially I used only one return pump (a Red Sea Reefrun 9000) for sump return, even though the system has the option for dual pumps.

I am now planning to add a UV sterilizer to the system. I purchased the aqua ultraviolet classic 40 watt unit, which I think is the appropriate sized device for this tank.

I plan to use a second Reefrun 9000 pump to send water to the UV sterilizer and then to the tank. Essentially utilize the dual return option with this tank. I would then adjust the flow of the second Reefrun 9000 pump (it’s a DC pump) to achieve the proper flow through UV sterilizer. I believe this would be the ideal way to plumb this in?

One little issue I’m having: the Reefrun pump has a 1 inch barb output, but the UV sterilizer has a 3/4 inch barb input. I’m planning to use vinyl tubing and a barbed 1 inch to 3/4 inch converter (see below) to make this all work.

Does this all sound like the best way to approach all this?

IMG_0405.jpeg IMG_0406.jpeg IMG_0407.jpeg IMG_0408.jpeg IMG_0409.jpeg