Help! Rapid decline in pho’s and nitrates due to nopox?



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Oct 25, 2018
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My guess is that any sudden changes when dosing organics (aside from a big sudden overdose of organic) is more likely random test variation than a real change.
So I tested again and still reduced but stabilizing. Nitrates reading 21.5ppm been this way for third day of testing. Phos at 10ppb(.03ppm). I assumed maybe my test of the nitrates prior to dosing of 40ppm was testing error but I did get a ATI ICP test results back (granted shipped 2 weeks prior) and that came back saying 39ppm so figure that was on! I am still thinking the dosing just kick up the biopellets efficiency. I am going to continue this dose for another week with daily testing. If i can get just the nitrates down a little more i will be happy

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