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Jun 5, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I recently inherited an established biocube 32G with some corals and 3-4 fish from a friend and essentially jumped headfirst into this hobby. It’s been amazing how much information there is on these forums and I’m looking forward to gradually picking it all up.

I have two questions for anyone willing to help a beginner out!

1.) Can you please help me ID these corals that came with the tank? It would help me better understand how to take care of these corals and what to do with them?

2.). The tank seems to have a GSP problem and I do not think I can manually get rid of it as it’s literally everywhere. I’ve been curing some live rock received from a trusted friend hoping to just switch out the the majority of the rocks that contain them. I am thinking to slowly switch out the GSP rocks with my new live rock and keep them isolated from the other GSP rocks until I get them all swapped. Maybe 1-2 rocks every two weeks or so? Would this be too quick or slow?

Thanks in advanced! I am open to any advice. Much appreciated.

D20693E9-5979-4CF7-A98A-8B0766F30647.jpeg 2DC834B3-F9A8-4C6D-8D00-93C24E99688B.jpeg 3394D499-E8A2-4BBA-AF7E-7A800FDCE65A.jpeg


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Dec 16, 2017
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Pics on left look like mushrooms
Not sure about the one on the right
Swapping the rocks should not be a problem as long as they are cycled and can handle the ammonia load from the fish.

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