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Mar 6, 2021
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Hello guys,
I’m setting up my 75 gallon tank and I’ve never been good at aquascaping. I’ve attached a video of the best scape I could come up with so far. If anyone could give me tips it would help a lot. I have tons of rock I can use, I just don’t know how and what to do.


Welcome! Glad you joined. Aquascaping can be bit of an art, and I lack the artistic skills many possess, but I've recently stumbled across CaribSea's trees (rocks in tree form so name is misleading) that come in different sizes. I've seen the nano tree in person at a LFS display tank, and based on that I'm considering larger tree size for the right side of my 180 gallon. I'll defer to others on your particulars, and in my build thread its my boyfriends expertise (he's a renaissance type guy that can do art to engineering)

Have you considered starting your build thread? I found its a great place to document my tank's evolution for myself. I started tank first then joined, so I'm still finding myself going back collecting pictures & updating historically as well as current state. Once you create your first post in your thread under Forum > Member Aquariums and link it to your account, they will give you build badge (look left, under my ID)

This might help you find people local to you in Tampa:

This is a good reference book type online article I still review:
World Wide Corals

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