Help with radion settings after upgrade


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Aug 22, 2018
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I need some help with ecotech radion lights settings after I upgraded from radion xr30 gen 2 to two xr15 gen 4 pro.
My tank is 86x50x50cm (34x20x20in) and I have the xr30 at 30cm(12in) above water, runing sps ab+ at 100%.
I have acro frags in the top center and mostly lps on the lower part and sides of tank.

Any suggestion about at what intensity to start with the new lights? Should I start low and use acclimation? If yes then what % to start and end.
Also should I maybe lower the new xr15? I had xr30 that high only to cover entire tank.

thank you

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Jan 29, 2020
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Personally I would start 5-10 percent lower in intensity. The spread is probably going to be better though so you could potentially raise the intensity over all.

The only really sure way to resolve IMO is a PAR meter so your within a range the corals are used to if you had previous measurements or can put the light back on and measure then measure the new light.

Other then that remember slow is smooth smooth is fast! Coral will put up with slightly lower PAR better then to high!

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