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Oct 1, 2021
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Hello all!! I'm Lindsay, and a newb to the saltwater community. We have 3 freshwater systems, but I've learned Saltwater is a TOTALLY different ballgame! I started out in July with 2 marine hermits that my daughters found while we were vacationing in Pensacola. Being the animal lover we all are, we ran out and set up a 10 gallon saltwater tank the day we got home from the beach. Since then, we've gotten some astrea snails, a few more teeeeny hermits and 2 clown fish. I've finally defeated the diatoms in said tank So, it would be PERFECT timing to start a bigger saltwater tank, right? ‍♀️ Monday I set up our new 65 gallon tank with 60 lbs of live sand. Wednesday I had 65 pounds of live rock shipped over night from Salty Bottom. I gently scrubbed the rock with a toothbrush and saltwater(as 1 box of the rock smelled God awful). I think the smell is slowly dissipating thankfully, but now I assume my coralline algae is dying as there's a white layer of crud over a good part of the rock. Others have told me this is expected and to let it do its thing, so that's where I am! Hoping to do things right this time, where I didn't have that ability with the 10 gallon as I had to get the crabbies in water ASAP after returning from the beach! I'm sure you will see me post a gazillion and two times so I apologize in advance


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