Hi Everyone!.....GLAD TO BE "Back In The Wet!"❤️❤️❤️


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Mar 24, 2020
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Wow!......It certainly Seems Like R2R has 1 Heck of a Mod. Crew.......

I am just getting back into the "Hobby" But I WILL SAY THIS!!!......MY GOODNESS!!......I have been "Out Of 'The Wet' since 2008"!!......After being Both a Fish Only (Large Angel's) in my 210 G Oceananic! (Did not even know they went out of Business until last December! And I also was into Keeping "Sticks" in my 150 G Oceananic!....

But WOW!! How Much That The Hobby Has Evolved Is What Blew Me AWAY!!❤❤.....NO MORE 400-Watt Metal Halides!!....No More 6 Foot Tall "MARINE TECHNICAL CONCEPTS" 4 Venturi Skimmers! That Needed 2X Iwaki 100-RLT's To Operate! etc.- etc.!!........Sooo.....NO MORE $500.00+ POWER BILLS !!!❤❤❤.......

I have come back to find "Dense Matrix" LED FIXTURES!!....THAT ACTUALLY GROW STICKS LIKE WEEDS!! WITH JUST 90-Watts Per Foot of Tank!!.....And DON'T EVEN Get Me Started With THESE FABULOUS DC POWERED!!!!!.....WELL DC POWERED EVERYTHING!! (If You Want to Go That Route 100%!!....(I went with a Ecotec Vectra M2, And 2 Ecotec MP-40's! And 2X 90-Watt Red Sea "Reef-Spec" LED's With a Kessil A360X-Tuna-Blue! (For The Middle! And to Be able To Add Some Whiter Light!....AND TO BE ABLE TO TURN IT ON WITHOUT SOME DARN APP.!!......Heck! I Love My Gamming PC (But I'm Still 55+YEARS OLD!) And my Red Sea 90's Are Controlled by My 17 Year Olds Daughters i-Phone 10!!.......Its as I have To RE-LEARN THE WHOLE HOBBY AGAIN!!! ....

But I Will State That EVERYTHING IS 100% BETTER Than when I Left almost 15 Years Ago! But I was the FIRST IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD TO START A SALTWATER TANK WAY BACK IN 1976 (With a 20 G. Long and a "State Of The Art" Undergravel Filter and some Dead Coral skeletons, and My Prized 2 Electric Blue Damsels! And 2 VERY UNHAPPY CINNAMON CLOWNS (That as we now know are actually Damsels Themselves!)........Then I grew from there!.... I went 30 Years Straight in the hobby, And I am sooo Pleased to Come Back and Find out that One could Start out in Salt Water with a Small "All in one "NANO""!!!......I Myself have gone with a RED SEA "REEFER-250 L"!!!.....But even though it's Just a 3 Foot Tank, Its PERFECT! As I am for one sick of Large Tanks! (That's a Main Reason I Got Away From "The Hobby" 15 Years Ago!.... BESIDES THE ELECTRIC BILL BEING An EXTRA 500 BUCKS A MONTH! (As those 400-Watt Halides necessitated one to Purchase a Chiller, AND TO RUN IT IN THE WINTER TOO BOOT!.....(That Drove My Wife CRAZY!!!.........Now I have just set up (With some of the best Equipment, Nyos 160 Skimmer, a Nyos Torq 2.0 Dual Chamber Reactor, (For Carbon, GFO, Or Rowaphos) And these Oversized Components fit into the New V-3 Red Sea Sump!!....That it in itself, is a Complete Work Of Art! With the "Silent Herbie Style Drain-Valve" And these New DC Powered Return Pumps, (That are Programable! As far as speed control, Also a Feed Mode! And the BEST OF ALL!!....NO NEED TO MOUNT PUMP OUTSIDE OF SUMP! As a Return Pump with a 21 Foot Head Pressure and Pumps 2,000 GPH. !!.....And it's SUBMERSIBLE!.....This way I can run it Through my 2 57- Watt UV Units (That ALSO ARE MOUNTED INSIDE MY STAND, NEXT TO THAT GREAT "Water Hight Adjustable Sump"!❤❤❤) I know that 114 Watts might seem like Overkill for a 70 Gallon Total Water Reef Tank, But I Retired from a Water Treatment Plant, And Since I have Both a Degree in Microbiology, and a Connecticut Department Of Health Class-IV Treatment License!.......YOU CANNOT HAVE TOO MUCH UV STERILIZATION AVAILABLE!.....Just make sure that you do NOT have to much Free O3 (OZONE) being produced, or you can wind up with Either Bromide, or Bromine!.....As that WILL Effect Your Livestock....

Again, Sorry for the Biography!.....But I'm Really Exited To Start Growing some Gorgeous "Sticks"
Best reef aquarium LED lighting
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Top Shelf Aquatics
Best reef aquarium LED lighting

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