High end chalices, torches, blastos, OG, etc.


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Jun 15, 2016
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**ONLY SHIPPING 7/13, 7/14 & 7/15**

Got my eye on a new car so I figured I’d put up a few pieces that I wouldn’t normally sell. I’m going out of town at the end of the week so I’m only shipping 7/13-7/15 and then I’ll be gone for two weeks. I’ll probably hold on to whatever isn’t sold after I get back.

UPS shipping usually $50 but I’ll quote you zip for an accurate cost.

standard 2 hour doa. Not responsible for shipping delays but if it does happen I will split the loss minus shipping.

happy to provide video via text

Asd hg 3 heads splitting $1500
HR holy grail $1000
NY knicks 2hd $325
Green/purp tip torches - no lineage but the same as Todd’s torch when they stretch out 4-5” $125/head
Gold tip/green mouth torches $125/head
Green tip/purp/green mouth torch $110/head
Raja rampage colony $700
Raja rampage mini colony $110
Rainbow crush large plate $225
Banana boom chalice $180
Pink ******* chalice colony $250
Wwc kingpin colony $290
Blue flamethrower mini colony $250
Rimless rainbow chalice $250
Yellow/blue/red chalice $150
Large yell/blue/red chalice $300
50/50 rimless rainbow chalice $275
Mummy eye chalice $80
Wwc masterpiece chalice colony $275
Wwc Rainbow blastos $250 & $300
Large OG $650
Splatter goniastrea colony $125

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