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Holy Guacamole Torch, Master Torch, Dragon Soul Torch, Pink Octospawn - SHIPPING AVAILABLE

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Katherine Corals

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Sep 4, 2021
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Northern IL
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Selling Terms Of Service
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** YES - I have read the Terms of Selling and agree to them **

1. Holy Guacamole Torch: $350 SHIPPING COST INCLUDED IN PRICE (single polyp)
2. Master Torch: $350 SHIPPING COST INCLUDED IN PRICE (single polyp)
3. Dragon Soul Torch: $175 SHIPPING COST INCLUDED IN PRICE (single polyp) (Double Polyp 300 shipped)
4. Pink Octospawn: $225 SHIPPING COST INCLUDED IN PRICE (single polyp)

- I do NOT "flip corals" ALL corals are gone through an extensive QT process and are held in my care for several months until ready for new homes! Want more pictures or video? MESSAGE ME
- If for any reason your corals arrive with issues, please take a picture of the coral while inside the transport container within 3 hours of delivery and we can work out a replacement or refund (minus the 50$ shipping cost).
- DOA due to shipping delays greater than 12hours by UPS, will not be covered. However, with that being said, I'm easy to work with! I will follow your tracking number along with you and we will remain in contact. Most all of my corals are able to survive in transit up to 48 hours.
- I ship on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to maximize the survival rate of your purchase. (If you prefer a different day, communicate that with me)
- For referrals and reviews of my corals, I encourage you to visit my FB and IG pages.

326271769_506330194973298_1388760521038998525_n.jpg 326799640_887957459325691_5220010173560942586_n.jpg DS Torch.jpg 326873611_1215315665744351_8637180270543609135_n.jpg
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