Hot Zoa Pack- Beauty & Beast, Rainbow Infusions, Oompa Loompa, Rainbow Yodas

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Oct 10, 2010
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South Florida
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Coral - WYSIWYG Zoa Pack (TGC Beauty & Beast Paly 2 polyps), (CB Rainbow Infusions 2 polyps), (CB Oompa Loompa zoas 4 polyps), (Rainbow Yodas 4 polyps)
Minimum Starting Bid - $115
Minimum Bid Increments - $2
End Time/Day: Friday, May 17th, 2019 -9:00PM EST
Example: If ending time is at 9:00pm, last valid bid must be placed by
8:59:59pm. Auctions resulting in a tie will go to the bid placed first.
Shipping: Free Pickup LOCAL in Boca Raton FL 25 FedEx overnight shipping to Florida
residents. 45 FedEx overnight shipping to the lower 48 states. Payment is expected within 24 HOURS of receiving invoice, if not paid in that time coral will be re-listed. Corals will NOT be held longer
than 1 week unless additional healing time is required.
Payments Accepted: PayPal, Cash.
**DOA Guarantee: Must accept package on first delivery attempt. If damage occurs or coral
arrives dead, pictures of items in original packaging must be provided within 2 hours of delivery. Credit or replacement (if applicable) will be issued toward next order. Customer assumes shipping charges on this item along with future orders. In addition, standard Shipping rates will apply on replacement orders

Also, please take a look at our webiste to combine to your order!

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