How to switch from gravel to sand ??? Help plz

Discussion in 'Reef Aquarium Discussion' started by a119, Jan 2, 2018.

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    So my tank has been up for a year now it's a 75 gal with some softies and some LPS for coral not a lot I have about 7 in total.. things are coming around great coralline growing low nitrate and phosphate.. I'm finally feeling like I'm getting the hang of it and things are going my way.

    There is a problem though, when I started my tank a newbie I did gravel and now I'm sick of it it just dose not look appealing to me anymore and it is such a pain to clean.

    My question is I want to switch to sand but is this possible? Can I take small amounts of the gravel out weekly ? I just don't want to ruin what I have going and have a tank crash or something.

    Any advice will help
    Thanks guys

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    Yup remove a little at every water change till its gone....then slowly add your sand...
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