How would you compare a VarioS-6 with Red Dragon 3 Mini



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Oct 22, 2009
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Albany, CA
I'm planning for a new system, and was considering the Red Dragon 3 Mini or the VarioS-6.

I've had decent experience with the VarioS-4 as a return on my current system for 5 years. It's extremely quiet and hasn't broken yet. I'm not sure, however if it's causing strange fluctuations in flow. My overflow is constantly changing all the time, even after 5 years I am adjusting the stupid valve every few days. Now it's almost always just overflowing into the emergency drain. I don't know if it's the pump or the bad stock red sea reeefer plumbing/valve. I've tried 3 different VarioS-4 pumps, all brand new, and they all have the same result, which is why I'm considering getting a RD3 mini.

I've heard it's a great pump, and haven't found anyone complain about fluctuations. I'll be missing the nice float sensor that the VarioS has that keeps it from burning out if the sump runs dry, but I can probably get a Neptune OS-1 and do the same with my Apex controller.

Anyone use one and would you recommend it over a VarioS-6?
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