HYDROS WaveEngine Launches November 12


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Jul 1, 2019
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I recognize that picture.
Those are mine...

Still working great for a beta unit too...
I now need 2 more.. One for my upstairs tank to run my main pump and two gyres.
Another for my second section of my aquaculture system...

The best part is how easy it is to combine multiple pumps to work together.
Two more? We like what we're hearing! ;)

I'm typically not an early adopter, but I may bend my own rules on this one. Now to decide if I want to pair it with Gyres or Octo Pulse...
We would be absolutely tickled if you supported HYDROS with the launch of the WaveEngine on Tuesday. I am sure retailers who've taken a chance on us would appreciate it as well.

Actually the Icecap gyres are cheaper and work great the the WaveEngine.
I have not tried a Octopulse with it yet but I want to.. I wish I could report on that..
I am thinking of two gyres on the sides of my 120 and a Octopulse on the back.
Sounds like a great combo and the WaveEngine can power all those pumps!

Do you run TWO return pumps for redundancy and to be safe? (check all that apply)

  • Yes I run two return pumps..

    Votes: 120 21.7%
  • No it's a waste..

    Votes: 63 11.4%
  • No but I would like to..

    Votes: 133 24.1%
  • No but I have a spare return pump...

    Votes: 266 48.2%

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