I’ve gone fresh to salty


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Aug 13, 2019
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I started fish keeping/aquascaping/aquarium keeping whatever you wanna call it, about 12 years ago with a saltwater tank. I loved it, people complemented it all day long........then it crashed. Hard. I knew nothing about the nitrogen cycle or anything else for that matter. All I knew is 1.023. So I gave up. After a 2-3 year hiatus I watched my first Joey Mullen video on YouTube. Was hooked again. At my worst point I had 13 freshwater tanks in an 1100 sq foot house. saltwater never left the back of my mind though, I just didn’t want to kill everything again. 8 years of dabbling, researching, and finding out everything I did so wrong twelve years ago. Currently I’m down to two freshwater tanks, one is bare bottom. Because Oscar. The other is a fully aquascaped African chiclid tank. I now have a third, finally established correctly, 29 gallon saltwater, all in one cube. And I’m already 100% in love with reefs and everything else saltwater. I’ve got one watchman goby, two oscellarius clownfish, two pieces of live rock, a Duncan coral, and a cespitularia soft coral. It’s not much, but I love it and the whole saltwater community I’ve been in contact with over the past 8 years has been nothing but helpful. I look forward to a big tank and I look forward to all the questions and help I’ll get here and maybe I’ll be able to help someone who’s starting out
PS the last picture is it set up after I bought the tank from a guy who was already running it. The next pictures are two and three days later. Looking much better to me. Any comments on anything I should do differently or opinions on it is greatly appreciated


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Jan 10, 2019
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Montreal, Canada
Everything is just a little more tasty when you add salt ;Smuggrin

I would look carefully at the rock. It looks like it's resting on top of the sand, which means if ever you have a critter that burrows underneath the rock, it could get squashed. Maybe also consider another piece of rock or two. Just those two pieces don't seem like enough. Maybe if you find a flat piece you can build an arch?

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