I can't seem to find fish online. Covid, Hawaiian ban, freezing temperatures, or just bad luck?



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Oct 30, 2018
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I have a tank that's been cycling for about 3 months and one of my main reasons for holding off on turning on the lights is that I can't find any place online or locally that sells small tangs. I know prices are a bit crazy but I've been shopping around for a peaceful wrasse and a small kole tang. I know that shipping has been disrupted because of the recent freezing temperatures and covid has been complicated things, Plus with the Hawaiian ban... I'm aware of that things are going to be a bit different. The trend I'm seeing is that most of the fish that I'm looking for such as tangsand some of the more peaceful wrasses have been out of stock for a few months. Is this how things are going to be going forward? Even the captive bred fish I've been looking at have been out of stock since November maybe December. Should I wait on getting the tank going until things get resolved or is this expected to go on for some time?

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Jan 17, 2012
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South Euclid, OH
Live Aquaria has many peaceful wrasses. If you wait for sales you can get some of the more common ones at reasonable prices. Or pay 70-80 on Divers Den now.
They just had a big sale of many fairy wrasses a week or so ago.

Kole Tangs being Hawaiian are way overpriced. I never thought they were pretty either. If you want a funtional tang you can get Scopas tangs for around 50.....from DD 70.

Tomini tangs are pretty and DD ones go for 120 or you can find them for 60-70 through Quality Marine......maybe LFS can help if online places are out.

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