I hate mantis shrimp!!!!!!!!!


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May 9, 2008
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South Florida
i hate the LFS they screwed me when i bought a pistol shrimp.. charged me 20$ and lied about what kind of pistol shrimp it was, then when i decided he was destrying my tank i took him back and they only gave me 5$ trade in... lol screw them, i aint gunna make them some more money.. somebody could definitely throw him in another tank with another pistol cuz i had a bigger one in there and he never killed him (although he was always hangin out around that lil guy's hole so maybe he was trying lol)...

lol at least somone feels my pain!

My bad Jiffy LOL....i can understand. I have dealt with my share of terrors. I was just trying to find a peaceful solution....guess that guy has a bleak outlook :p


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May 25, 2009
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Are all pistol shrimps bad or just several particular kinds? I have a giant pistol shrimp. It's huge and around 3". The biggest pistol shrimp I have ever seen. It's red color with white stripes on it. Obviously it's too late to remove him. But so far he didn't do anything bad except moving my sands around to make his home.

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