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Illinois- Neptune products, Vectra L1, Kessil Lights Mod please close

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Jan 22, 2016
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I have torn down my tanks a couple months since I had to move and could not set any up. Below are the items I have that does not include shipping cost.
EB8 Black Label (1)- $70
EB8 Orange Label (2)- sold
VDM- $50
LDK with FS-50 (new) and 1Link Cable- $115
Optical Level Sensor OS-1-M- $20
Apex Controller Base unit (wifi) with probes- $230
Breakout Box (1)- $25
Old Apex Brain with screen and EB8(orange Label)(I will include a PM1 module since I am not sure if the temperature port works)- $200
DOS- $210

Vectra L1 Pump(had it replaced under warranty then used to for mixing station)- sold

A360X Tuna Blue (2)- sold
A360W Tuna Blue (2)-sold
Kessil Wifi Dongle- sold
Kessil H80 with arm- sold
Kessil to Apex cord (2)- $10 each
Kessil A360W 24in flex arm - $25

IMG_3492.jpg IMG_3491.jpg IMG_3485.jpg IMG_3489.jpg IMG_3490.jpg IMG_3488.jpg IMG_3493.jpg IMG_3487.jpg IMG_3486.jpg IMG_3494.jpg IMG_3497.jpg IMG_3496.jpg IMG_3507.jpg IMG_3503.jpg IMG_3504.jpg IMG_3502.jpg IMG_3501.jpg IMG_3498.jpg IMG_3500.jpg
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