INKBIRD ITC-306T Aquarium Thermostat

Discussion in 'Inkbird' started by InkVan, May 15, 2019.

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    I have posted ITC-306T aquarium thermostat in R2R, but still want to post again, let the new friends also know more.

    Temperature Control Mode: On/Off Control. Please note it is ONLY heating controller without cooling control.
    Fully submersible probe. Aquarium probe works better in water than standard probe.
    2 Time cycles, support to separate the two temperature ranges from day and night, more close to the marine environment, much easier to grow aquarium.
    Temperature calibration; Over-temperature and sensor fault alarm. Dual display window, be able to display measured temperature and set temperature at the same time.
    Maximum output load: 1200W (110V).

    We are looking for some testers and reviewers, if you can provide us a video review, we will send you a extra Inkbird new product--- wireless charger as a gift. (The colors of gifts will be randomly sent.)
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    I bought one of these with your promo code form another post, it just came yesterday! Whoohoo! Now if I can figure out how to program it then I’ll be in business.
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    I just purchased two of these for $38 ea from Amazon up in Canadaland. First impressions, I'm impressed with the temperature accuracy out of the box. My Hanna salinity tester is within .1 degree of the average my three nist traceable thermometers read, so I tend to go by what it's telling me. Out of the box both 306T's were within .4º F of the Hanna (these are QT tanks, I'm not running them via apex which is also calibrated to the average of my nist traceable thermos.

    Time will tell how longevity is, but a good first start.

    Here's what prompted me to pick up a couple of the 306T's , c/p from my post on a local reef Facebook group:

    Hopefully I can avoid that again.

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