Instant Tank Crash Restore and Visitor Impressor

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    We have two solutions to a major tank crash recovery. Don't miss out on a nice tank for months and months. Get jump started!

    Want PRETTY pictures...go to our website.

    Photos are as you would see in a tank with both blue and white spectrum lighting. No radioactive pictures pledge.

    1. Super-Massive 40 Coral Mixed Frag Pack with FREE Shipping $499.99

    2. Super-Sized-Massive 40 Coral Mixed Frag Pack with FREE Shipping $879.99

    "Nothing died everything looks great !", Eric, CT

    What was sent out on one shipment:
    1 Watermellon Zoa
    2 Pink and Gold Paly
    3 Fire & Ice Zoa
    4 Agent Orange Zoa
    5 Kedds Red Zoa
    6 Reverse Gorilla Nipples Zoa
    7 Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoa
    8 SBC Space Magic Palys Zoa
    9 SBC Guava Pinwheel Zoas
    10 SBC Styrated Green Palys
    11 SBC Blue Spirit Palys
    12 Green Mushroom
    13 Toxic Green Trumpet Coral
    14 Red Blastomussa
    15 Yellow Turbinaria
    16 Green Star Polyps
    17 Micromussa - Green with Blue Center
    18 Tyree Florescent Green Leather
    19 Waving hand
    20 Hydnopora
    21 True Blue Hornets
    22 SBC Red Brick Chalice
    23 Peach Cabbage Coral
    24 Bird of Paradise
    25 Aquituberculata
    26 Tyree Meteorshower Cyphastrea
    27 Copps Rainbow Undata
    28 Purple Digitata
    29 Green with Pink Base Pocillopora
    30 Green Psamacora
    31 Red Montipora Cap
    32 SBC Purple Tabling Acro
    33 Hollywood Stunner
    34 Green Cap with White Rim
    35 Green Spongodes
    36 Tyree True Undata
    37 Tyree Blood Red Eyes Cyphastrea
    38 Leishman's Tabling Acroporra
    39 Tricolor Valida
    40 Pink Pocillopora
    41 Toadstool
    42 Misc.

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