INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS! SOGGY TEES can ship anywhere in the world!

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    Some of you have asked about the possibility of international shipping, and the answer is...OF COURSE! :)

    We can ship our shirts (with the exception of the I'M A REEFER designs) anywhere in the world! Our standard shipping rates are as follows:
    • United States and the UK: $4 for the first shirt and $2 each additional
    • Canada: $6 for the first shirt and $3 each additional
    • Europe (other than the UK): $7 for the first shirt $3 each additional
    • Non-European international: $8 for the first shirt and $5 each additional
    USA, UK, and Canadian customers can pay for their order and shipping directly through our website. All other international customers should contact us via pm or email ( with your order request, and we'll invoice you directly through PayPal.

    Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.
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