Introducing our automatic self-cleaning protein skimmer


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May 10, 2022
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Clearwater Florida
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Available for pre-order, units will be ready for shipping in approximately 6 weeks.

Welcome to the patent-pending automatic self-cleaning protein skimmer! Novel rectangular design completely eliminates the skimmer cup and neck. The skimmate or gunk accumulation zone has a fully automated, digitally-controlled self-cleaning assembly. The motor turns on once daily and the filter fleece captures the gunk and wipes clean the upper skimmer walls. A large PVC drain at the top allows the liquid skimmate to be collected into a large (not included) reservoir. If you are sick of skimmer maintenance, this skimmer is for you!

Ideal for 100 gallon aquarium with higher bio loads up to 200 gallon aquarium with lighter bio loads.
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