Introducing the StealthXL Series, TRS72 Triton Reef Sump

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Apr 6, 2018
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If you are in the market for a large sump to complement your dream tank? We are proud to announce the official presale of the 2 largest production model reef sumps available anywhere! The SRS72 for those of you who want filter socks and no refugium and the TRS72 for refugium lovers and those running the Triton method.

The StealthXL Series, Triton TRS72 Reef Sump has a 72 x 22 x 16 (110 gallon and Made out of 3/8 Acrylic) configuration and comes complete with all the accessories show below at no extra charge to our customers. These include 10 John Guest fittings and clear solid acrylic tubing for Triton Dosing, John Guest fitting and tube for ATO input, Probe Holder, All bulkhead and piping, Dual heater holders, Adjustable Overflow Control baffle, Algae Guard, Adjustable Skimmer/Refugium Baffle, Adjustable Skimmer Baffle, Media rack and Wire Management Portals to give our clients a fully Plug and Play Sump. Our mission with this design is to provide maximum refugium space for clients interested in the Triton method or want to incorporate a refugium as part of an overall nutrient management strategy. All Sump are made from top Grade Plexiglass , Designed and Hand built in the US

Free freight to your nearest shipping terminal.


Due to current demand, there is a 2-3 week production time on all models. Alterations are welcome! We charge a design fee based on the complexity of your specific needs.

1 = 3- 1.5" drain system. With all bulkheads and drain piping (included).

2 = 3- John Guest fittings with attached 3" Acrylic tubing (included) in Refugium for Nutrient Dosing and 3 more fittings in the Skimmer Chamber.

3 = 5- 3"x1.5" Wire management portals.

4 = 1 John Guest fitting with 3" Tube (included) for ATO input.

5 = 1-1" Bulkhead (included) for a return pump.

6 = 3 more John Guest fittings with 3" tubes (included) for Cal/Alk/Mag dosing in the return section.

7 = Adjustable Skimmer Baffle to allow you more precise control the water level in the skimmer chamber based on your exact Skimmer requirements. Ranges from 5" to 14".

8 = Clear removable Algae Guard to stop the migration of algae from the Refugium Chamber.

9 = Adjustable Overflow Baffle. This allow the user to control the flow of water entering the Refugium. The user can have a top of the water column passive flow, or a more aggressive lower flow or any combination of the two.

10 = Overflow Baffle with laser cut slots and diamonds for varying flows.

11 = CRA probe Holder, Designed for 3 normal probes and 1 larger (Temp) all being adjustable.

12 = Return Chamber 21.5" x 6"

13 = Fully Removable Media Rack measuring 3"x 21.5".

14 = Skimmer Chamber measuring 24"x 21.5".

15 = Refugium Chamber measuring 31"x 21.5" and holding approximately 43 gallons.

16 = Adjustable Refugium to Skimmer Chamber baffle. With this the user can control the height of the refugium water level independently from the skimmer chamber.

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