Is real reef rock brand pest free

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Nov 7, 2017
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Nashville TN
it is actually cycled to some degree, not sure I would say fully cycled but it is shipped damp to the customer.

Pest free, just bacteria.
Yes it depends on where your LFS gets their rock. Some order the dry rock and stick it in there tanks at the LFS until it sells. So depends on how much LR your LFS sells. Some order it damp that has been sitting in the LR dealers warehouse in big tubs. They start to cycle the rock then Mail it in bags and damp paper towels. Some LFS order this man made rock from someone that has access to be able to put in the Gulf or Ocean to start the cycling of the LR. I would verify with your LFS on who they get the LR from.
As far as pest...Depends on how your LFS storage tanks look. I’ve seen them with Aiptasia and bristle worms(not really a bad pest) . So it all depends on a lot of factors to be able to answer your question correctly.
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