Jack's Custom 60L Nano System (build thread)



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Dec 19, 2017
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I've been building a custom nano system around a UNS 45U tank and I wanted to share my progress. Hopefully this will be of some help to someone.

The theoretical volume of the system will be of 60L/16gal (plus 25L on the reservoir), here are the main components:
-Display tank: UNS 45U 45x28x28cm (modified in order to have a DIY external herbie overflow and a black acrylic background) = 35L
-Sump: Custom 40x25x30cm Divided in 5 sections (in/filter sock, Skimmer, live rock, Chaeto, return pump/out) and filled up to 25cm = 25L
-Reservoir: Custom 40x25x25cm with a drawer for easy filling (idea from IM Hydrofill reservoir) = 25L
-Stand = Custom, made from metal covered with a special antirust paint
-Display light: AI Prime 16HD
-Fuge light: Chinese Chaeto light
-Wave pumps: 2 Current USA Eflux 660gph

Missing components:
-Skimmer (The footprint should not be bigger than 12x12cm)
-Controller ( I'm thinking a Hydros X4 with custom probes, sensors and a DIY relay box in order to keep the costs at a minimum)
-ATO pump (It's gonna need to be able to push water approx 50cm up)
-Return pump (The footprint should not be bigger than 12x12cm)

If you have not heard about UNS aquariums please check their website, the quality of their products are unbelievable (plus the 45º mitered edges looks ridiculously nice) UNS Systems.
The idea behind this project is to reduce the costs to the minimum without sacrificing space and functionalities so 95% of this project was done by hand and laser cut.

The stand will be divided in 4 levels, from top to bottom:
-Display tank
-Controller cabinet/drawer
The doors are going to be magnetically attached, hopefully it will work good enough haha

I'll post images of the stand when I get a chance to get it home, I'm still figuring out a lot of things in this build so any advise or tip would be very appreciated!

IMG_20220622_152322.jpg IMG_20220622_152349.jpg IMG_20220622_151927.jpg IMG_20220622_151935.jpg IMG_20220622_102412.jpg
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