JBJ’s Cubey All In One Aquariums Coming In Larger Sizes

Discussion in 'Reef Builders' started by Jake Adams, Feb 6, 2017.

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    JBJ has been holding down the miniature end of the All In One nano market with the pico-sized Cubey aquariums for several years now. The 3 gallon Cubey is one of the most feature-rich pico reef tanks you can possibly get, and now it’s time for JBJ to expand the Cubey family. Three new sizes […]

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    Mar 26, 2017
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    Santa is bringing a 3 gallon to my son. Talk to me about the tank. What Coral grows well with stock lights? What mods would you suggest? Let me see some pics!
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    They are garbage!! Saw black stuff on the white trim of my cubbie. It was the paint on the buttons rubbing off cause water was on it when I touched it. So after about 2 weeks of touching the buttons hand a little wet sometimes they are almost gone all the way. I can still see the buttons cause there is a few specs of paint left where they are. The lights are not at all what I expected. Super dim. Not to mention they didn't turn on that easy you wanted them to. We tried tank for a month, and than threw it in the back yard. My dog didn't like it either. He chewed what cords were hanging out and got the side pretty good. I'll get pics later.

    It's a great look, and concept. Just the lowest of quality. They pump them up online.
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