Joker Corals End of 2020 SALE on 10/25 This Coming Sunday

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May 20, 2017
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End of 2020 SALE on 10/25 Sunday
This is going to be our last large sale event of this year.

Hot pieces at unbeatable prices as usual!! Random $0.99 ~ $9.99 super specials!!

350+ Pieces including Torches, Zoas, Mushrooms, and new release LPS & SPS from Indo, Malaysia & Aussie will be posted under our WYSIWYG section on 10/25

Sale will start on 10/25 Sunday at 14:00 EST.

We will combine orders and refund shipping cost if reach $400.

All orders of $200+ combined value will receive freebies or gifts of our choice.

Come to join us on 10/25!! Don't miss it!!

Joker Corals End of Year Giveaways! Time goes fast, it’s almost the end of year 2020. We want to say thank you to all of our customers! Thank you for all the supports from you guys for the passing 2020.

We are giving away 2 packs (1 LPS & 1 SPS pack) for totally free!

How: Whoever shopped with Joker Corals through our website before will be automatically enrolled into this raffle! Yes, you don’t need to do anything! 0

here's some treat of the live sale and some colony pictures of the new release pieces

WeChat Image_20201012002357_副本.jpg
WeChat Image_20201021001104_副本.jpg
WeChat Image_20201021002744_副本.jpg

WeChat Image_20201021010126_副本.jpg
WeChat Image_20201021010155_副本.jpg
WeChat Image_20201021010207_副本.jpg
WeChat Image_20201021010239_副本.jpg
WeChat Image_20201021010244_副本.jpg

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