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Jul 1, 2014
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Santa ana, CA
Prices do not include shipping, but feel free to PM and I can give you an estimation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Brand new Fluval SP4 Has a small dent on base, but does not impact performance at all- $140 Brand new

Brand new Tunze 3171 Calcium reactor-$325

Brand new Eheim ecco pro 2232 canister filter- $90

Brand new Neptune ALD module, 2 available- $60

Brand new Neptune FS-200 Flow sensor 1 available- $85

Brand new Digital Aquatics MLC module- $20

Brand new Reaction 4, EFU-45 canister filter- $100

Brand new Precision Marine KR620 Kalk reactor- $210

Used Precision Marine KR620 Kalk reactor needs a new pump- $130

Brand new Eheim 1262 pump, three available- $105

Brand new Tunze 9001 Skimmer. - $95

Brand new Digital Aquatics Expansion box and RKM-PC1-$20 each, multiple available.

Brand new Aqua Excel AE-401- $80

Brand new Somatic 120s- $265

Brand new Seaside Aquatics ES1 HOB skimmer, clear- $110

Used Aqua Excell 1200L pump- $150

Used Geo small Kalk reactor, needs a new pump. Small repaired crack. $30

Brand new in box Somatic UF-1 media reactor- $30

Brand new in box Zoo Med 36" Aquasun LED High Output Fixture- $50

Brand new in box Vertex omega 130 skimmer- $250

Brand new in box 60 Sump & Skimmer Filtration System- $190

Brand new Klir Di-7 filter roller new- $250

Klir Di-7 filter roller used- $220

GHL Profilux STDL4-4 Powerbar- $60

Gryphon c40 saw- $320

Brand new MD 6 stage RO/DI unit- $225

Used Fluval SP6- $170

Brand new Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter- $25

Brane new Simplicity 3 dosing container with float switch kit- $60

Brand new Vertex RX-U 2.0 media reactor- $100

Brand new vertex 2.5s dosing container, multiple available- $40

Brand new Vertex RX-u 2.5 media reactor- $140

Brand new Alpha 1 biopellet reactor- $ 75

Brand new Neptune WXM module- $100

Brand new Gyre XF-150-$150

Brand new Phosban 150- $35

Brand new AI nero- $225

Brand new Triton Calcium 4kg- $35

Brand new Triton Alk 4kg- $35

Brand new Triton Mag 4kg-$35

Brand new Vertex RX-Z 3.0- $175

Brand new Brightwell salt buckets- $50 each or 7 for $300

ATI 24" 6 bulb sunpower with 24" reefbrite tech blue strip. With new bulbs- $250

ATI 24" LED hybrid 8 bulb fixture. Ballast has some wear and tear, but works, and light can be programmed with your computer.$400

Brand new 2x Marine Pure blocks, 8x8x4- $80 for both

Used Seaside skimmer. Unsure of the model, dimension, rating, appears to have a sicce pump, etc.

Brand new Aquarbeam 1500 Ultima NP light fixure, 2 available- $80

Brand new Quietone 2200 pump- $40

Brand new Giesmann Matrixx II 48” 8 bulb T5 fixture, with new bulbs- $349.99

Brand new Ehiem compact 1000- $20

Brand new Ehiem 300w heater- $20

Brand new Maxijet 600 pump-$10

Brand new Kessil A160WE Tuna sun- $200

Avast Kalk reactor- $120

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Aug 11, 2013
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Sheboygan, WI
How much for I-dip kit? Zip 53081 - PM me

Ed Hahn

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Oct 24, 2008
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which other Kalk reactors available and price for shipping to 99336.
Please pm me. thanks Ed
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