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Dec 25, 2013
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San Jose/Bay Area, CA
Hey there reefers!

Took the time to whip up a few WYSIWYG zoa packs. Every piece is fully healed up and ready for their new homes. These packs are perfect for collectors of every level, as there's plenty of uncommon and rare goodies in each pack.

One of our packs has a new release, LC Thunderstruck! An amazing yellow zoanthid that packs a big punch.

Frag packs can be found here: https://www.legendary-corals.com/wysiwyg-frag-packs

All names are listed left to right!

Collector's Zoanthid Pack #1, WYSIWYG - $149.99
Row 1: Ultra Gobstoppers, LC Firebirds, Emeralds on Fire
Row 2: Speckled Fire and Ice, Ultra Eagle Eyes, LC Tattle Tales
Row 3: Mystiques, My Clementines, Gatorades

Collector's Zoanthid Pack #2, WYSIWYG - $149.99
Row 1: Blue Eyed Blonde B!tches, Spongebobs, Rastas
Row 2: Scrambled Eggs, WWC Twizzlers, Ultra Gobstoppers
Row 3: Bam Bams, OG CIrcus, Super Saiyans

High End "Vampire" Collector's Pack, WYSIWYG - $249.99
Row 1: LC Petroglyphs, Sonic Flares, LC Phantasms
Row 2: VW Bloodshot Vampires, LC Rainbow Vampires, LC Goth Chicks

High End Collector's Zoanthid Pack, WYSIWYG - $399.99
Row 1: LC Tattle Tales, LC Rainbow Pixies, LC Phantasms, Frozen Hornets
Row 2: LC Fireballs, SCA Savages, RK Spitfires, LC Blackwidows
Row 3: ASD Atmospheres, LC Thunderstruck (New Release), MB Space Chaos, WWC Sweet Tooth


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