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Legendary Corals

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Dec 25, 2013
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San Jose/Bay Area, CA
Hey there reefers,

Just uploaded the site with some incredible WYSIWYG Frag Packs. If you're looking to build an instant collection, this is a great way to save. Click on the photos to be taken to the site.

First up, a beautiful zoa pack of 20 Different morphs

WYSIWYG Zoa Pack, Worth $640, $380 Shipped Pack Special
Names listed from left to right.
Row 1: Bam Bams, Blue Hornets, Gatorades, LC Vampire Slayers, Tyree Orange Rainbows
Row 2: Z's Medudas, Circus, LC Infrareds, LC Pink Kush, Rainbow Incinerators
Row 3: Rastas, LC Shadow Princes, Goblins on Fire, Blondies, LC New Morph
Row 4: Emeralds on Fire, Tutti Fruity, VW Bloodshots, Powerhouses, Red Deaths

Next up, a few LPS frag packs!

For anyone who's looking to up their favia game.

WYSIWYG Ultimate Favia Pack, Worth $970, $490 Shipped Pack Special
Names listed left to right.
1st Row: LC Ferrari Enzo, LC New Release, Rain of War, SR Mighty Max, LC Berserker
2nd Row: Zen Reef's Frosted Maul, Fascination Favia, Gonzo's Spicy Lemon, LC Yellow Fever, LC Burning Magma
3rd Row: Gonzo's War Machine, LC Royal Flush, JF Top Fuel, JF DayGlo, CC Darth Maul

If you like encrusters as much as we do, here's a pack with a bunch of different named varieties.

WYSIWYG Encruster Pack, Worth $420, $300 Shipped Pack Special
Row 1:
YR Ironman Unknown, LC Burning Man Leptastrea, WWC Spiderman Stylocoeniella, LC Blue Flame Psammacora, LC Luck of the Irish Leptastrea
Row 2: RR USA Pumpkin Spice Leptastrea, TSG Watermelon Psammacora, PZ Van Gough Psammacora, JF Freak Hair, LC Blue Diamond Stylocoeniella
Row 3: Spring Leptastrea, LC Shockfire Psammacora, LC Pink Hentai Lithophyllon, LC Monarch Psammacora, LC Desert Oasis Cyphastrea

And for the cyphastrea lovers out there. This is a really underappreciated coral family.

WYSIWYG Ultimate Cyphastrea Pack, Worth $500, $380 Shipped Pack Special.
All names listed from left to right.
Row 1: LC Rainbow, LC Snapdragon, UC Splendiferous, LC Bubblebum, SCA Creamsicle
Row 2: LC Desert Oasis, LC Energizer, WWC Bizzaro, CB Bling Bling, LC Alien Blood
Row 3: Peppermint Cyphastrea, LC Blue Mist, LC Hawkeye, SCA Raspberry, LC Blizzard Bizzaro

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